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Residential Waste Service About Us

As a leading provider of door to door trash services, our biggest deliverable is convenience. The benefits of doorstep trash pickup leads to greater community satisfaction and increased resident retention. For you, this means enhanced property marketability, competitive advantage, and increased property value. Oh, and our service will also leave you cash positive each month. Property managers take a percentage of our service directly into their own pockets. How is that for convenience?

Simplifying Life

Satisfaction is our passion and we work hard to provide convenience for both property management teams and their communities. The benefits of a doorstep trash service amenity are numerous for residents - sanitary and organized waste removal, no more late-night walks to the trash bin, easy recycling. These benefits are considered a standard in the industry, but where RWS stands out is in our advocacy for property managers.

We founded RWS with the goal to simplify life for the resident communities in our local area. When you partner with us, we simplify your life as well.

Every building amenity requires management, from resident complaints to disruptions in services. Handling these issues can be a headache. When you hire RWS, we take care of both the trash and the headache. During pickup services, our couriers take a photographed and timestamped record of each doorstep and automatically record resident violations, providing you with a thorough record every morning. This record cuts down on the time involved with resident disputes. Additionally, when residents have questions or concerns, they can contact us directly.

Local Door To Door Trash Services

Years of experience working with multi-family residences in the valet trash industry has allowed us to develop a business model that is unique. Corporate sized competitors offering various valet services aren't able to deliver the same advocacy and personal touch as RWS. We are the local doorstep trash service that understands the needs of your community. Developed for a variety of residences, from single building to multi-unit properties, our service offering can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

At Residential Waste Service, we provide doorstep trash collection for the following residence types:

  • Multifamily
  • Condominiums
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Living
  • Military Housing
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Why Residential Waste Service?

Rated as one of the most frequently used amenities, doorstep trash collection is now a standard in apartment living. By acting as both an advocate for property managers and a partner in providing satisfaction, RWS has redefined the standard with excellence.